Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Drinks for eye: Antioxidant juice (an unimpressive fact?)

Enjoying a food is such a blessing give. Every bite of your lovely food that melting in your mouth creating the inexpressive happiness moment. Just close your eye and chew your food slowly and enjoy it. What a great pleasure and memorable moment is it?

Now bring into your mind that not only you’ll have a great taste enjoying your meal but you gain a double benefit if the food you enjoy is contain with such a great treasure to your health. I know it kind of boring and maybe lame of what I tried to express here. But this simple reminder from me can be a very practical phrase or memo or note and for sure is not kind of a bad killing disease to be applied.

So in simple words, while enjoying your loveable meal considers your body absorbing the nutrient which goes to your blood vessel and pump to your whole body. And some certain nutrient will be very beneficial to a specific organ. Let say our eyes. A well known fact (I know, i know it boooringgggggg) but it was not a crime to at least say; ‘wow, that is interesting! ‘

So studies show that supplementing with the right vitamins and minerals can help rejuvenate the eyes and improve eyesight.  So if you planning to go for a natural eyesight improvement it will be so much helpful to combine it with a well known eye support vitamin and food.

We may have heard about antioxidants as a powerful supplement to fight against cancer or to be very helpful in preventing cancer.  Experienced ophthalmologists suggest that a supplement that supplies high levels of antioxidants can reverse macular degeneration. Here is the list of some source of antioxidant as stated in:


Black bean (dried)

Black plum



Dried Prune

Gala apple

Granny Smith apple


Pinto bean



Red apple

Red kidney bean

Russet potato (cooked)

Small Red Bean (dried)


Sweet cherry

Wild blueberry

In my opinion the above fruits are not difficult to find. It is easy to find in fruits stall or even in grocery stores. You can be more creative by making your own recipes. You can mix between two or three of the fruits to make a delicious and tasty juice. It is easy and very practical. Think about it as an activity for your family. A good daughter and mum time spending of preparing the fantastic juice or as a healthy habit for family.

Now, a little back to this article title, so after all the benefit and fun of enjoying this juice would you say that it was not impressive any more? Just enjoy it : )

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