Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Summer beauty tips

Summer’s here and these are the latest beauty tips for this season. And since summer is a time for change, this summer is all about having the courage to wear bright colours with confidence!

So, what’s in this year?

A beautiful tan

On a lovely summer's day there is nothing better than the appearance of a healthy glow to make you feel better and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is with bronzing powder. You shouldn’t be afraid that you'll choose the wrong shade of bronzer, because there is a range of shades that have been specifically created to suit every skin tone.

If you don't like using fake tans and bronzing powders, the easiest way to achieve a healthy natural glow is with blush. Whether your blush is an ultra-fine powder or a light cream, the rules are the same. Apply it along your cheekbones or the apples of your cheeks, depending on your face shape. Remember to build up the colour gradually until you get the soft natural glow that you're looking for.

If you prefer natural tan, make the most of your newly-acquired bronze by using a glow highlighter on your cheekbones and forehead. It’s subtle and it looks amazing on tanned skin and you can even use it in the daytime to help keep your holiday glow when you return to work. For a touch of instant evening glamour apply the glow highlighter to your shoulders and decolletage. This is a look that holds up well in humidity, heat, sun, and all-night dancing. To keep it fresh, modern, and in season, skip the heavy foundation, powder, and lipstick. For a lighter look switch to a tinted moisturizer, apply it with a damp sponge and you'll be sure to get an even look. A little concealer dabbed under the eye will give added radiance.

During summer, a very important thing is to protect your skin! If you are going to be spending many hours in the sun, whether in the garden or on the beach, make sure you invest in a bottle of sun tan lotion, a floppy sun hat and a pair of sun glasses. These recommendations come straight from the eye doctor, to help protect your skin and your sensitive eyes from potential sun damage.

Luscious lips

A vibrant fruit-punch pout is a shockingly simple way to stand out from the crowd. Just remember this cardinal rule of cosmetics - when you decide to wear a bright color on your lips, be sure to tone everything else down. Red lips are a big hit this season too!

And if cherry red it's a bit too bold for you, tone it down and opt instead for its more subdued shade like coral or orange.

Eye catching colours

A gorgeous gilded gaze very well may be the easiest way to draw attention to your eyes without being obvious. Enveloping your lids in a soft golden hue makes your eyes pop in an easy and breezy way.

Contrary to popular belief, turquoise happens to be one of the most versatile shades on the shelves. Liberally dust this hue across your eyelids or lightly line your lower rim. Make it subtle and smoky, or go dark and dynamic — either way, you've got a bevy of stunning options available to you.

Also, the metallic liner is versatile and flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. Plus, there's nothing sexier than when the sun hits your face just right and your eyes flare up with an unexpected glint. Talk about eye-catching!

Another big hit this summer is the ivory liner. Late summer nights, sun, ocean water, and chlorine can leave your eyes looking red and tired. To combat this, using a beige or white eyeliner on the lower inner rim of the eye can give the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. It's very subtle, but makes a visible difference for just enough nighttime wow.

Remember, now is the absolute best season to break out your craziest colour palette: bright, bold, electric, neon. Pink and golden-yellow colours is an amazing combination that will open up your eyes. Make smoky eyes with brown and burgundy colour. The earth tones will help you to highlight the colour of your eyes, whether they are brown, green or blue.

Purple makeup is an absolute hit this season, and besides, it is known that the violet shades suit all eye colors. These are two strong enough reasons to try a seductive smoky eyes look with purple and black colours.

Yellow, orange, blue and pink eye shadows were among the most popular eye shadows used by the make up artists in the fashion shows for season spring / summer 2021. Do not say that yellow make up do not suit your eyes before you test whether that is true or not.

Do not be afraid to try a fresh summer makeup with strong pink and beige eyeshadow.

Also, try glamorous smokey eyes look with royal blue eyeshadow. If you have a darker skin complexion, you should definitely try turquoise eye make up.

For a lighter, more summery appearance, swap your black mascara for one that is either brown-black or brown. To complete your look, remember to have your eyebrows professionally shaped. But watch out, there is nothing worse than running mascara, so if you're planning a beach holiday, consider your choice of mascara with care. Waterproof mascara is great, but you'll probably need an oil-based eye make-up remover to take it off properly, so that you don't get an unsightly build-up.

Coloured nails

This season, pastel nail color look darling and dreamy, and flirty and feminine. Between mint, cornflower, lilac, rose, peach, and daffodil, there’s a plenty of pretty pastel polish picks that are just as girlish as they are sophisticated.

Another hit this summer are flamboyant neon colours paired amazing with an all-white outfit for making a statement.

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