Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Optometrist and natural treasure for eyesight improvement

When was your last time visit to your optometrist? Did they ever suggest to you to go for non-orthodox eyesight treatment? I wonder if they ever learn about holistic treatment for eyesight improvement beside the orthodox ways as what their practice.
Well, I guess it is not that they did not aware or not even study it back in college but that what business is about, right?

To suggest or introduce you with the easiest and the safest methods to improve your eyesight naturally will be the issue as this method basically will be the most last to be endorsed by most optometrist. Naturally way by exercise actually trains the inner muscles of your eyes to strengthen and as a result improve your eyesight.
If they advice you for a natural improvement course or programme, then how would you proceed to go for their product. The spectacles, the contact lenses or the laser eye surgery (Lasik surgery).

Honestly as I can conclude, compare to orthodox and non-orthodox eyesight improvement, I do believe that, there will be an obvious different in a matter of financial cost. For non-orthodox, most of the course or programme will cost you less then what you paid for the orthodox method. 

In the question of time, it is well known that spectacles and contact lenses is a super fast solution for long or short-sighted problem. You just need to go for about half and hour eye examination and your optometrist will provide you your eye vision degree (point score) prescription to make your spectacles. Some event thinks that it is a fashion trend or might be being considered as an intellectual person. Hurmmmmm......is it?

Similar situation goes to contact lenses application. Both would not cost you a lot of time to experience the result compare to laser surgery which cost you maybe a few days and if you choose to try the holistic (non-orthodox) eyesight improvement , it basically will cost you longer time compare to what method discuss above.

So, the orthodox method is fantastic right. But ever wonder that you will repeat this scenario again for a greater degree of your myopia or hyperopic and you end up with more thick spectacles to wear which cost you more money to pay and healthier eye. Oppppssssssssss!!!!!. What? A healthier eye? I have doubt about that.

Anyway, if you choose to try the holistic eyesight improvement, in my humble and honest opinion, I would say that it will cost you more time to achieve the level where you would not need to wear your spectacles or as prevention to those whom start experiencing myopia or hyperopic situation. It even depends to individual body condition. And what most boring is, it requires a great discipline as what the proverb say. “Practice make perfect”, and this is a challenge to those who undergo a hectic lifestyle due to carrier and etc. BUT (here come the magic word - but – as it can reverse the bad to good and good to bad judgement understanding. hahahahah) I think, one can always find a little time to applied at least one of the method thought in the holistic eyesight improvement course. Even just for about 5 minute to 10 minute a day, with a consistent courage you will programme yourselves to achieve a level you wish. As what Bob Doyle say,

“Most of us attract by default. We just think that we don’t have any control over it. Our thoughts and feelings are on autopilot, and so everything is brought to us by default”

There, we don’t know the power if we don’t start it first. So let us see what you will be benefited if you success in applying the holistic eyesight treatment.

Basically you don’t need to wear your spectacles anymore. Therefore you don’t have to worry you might forgetting where you put your spectacles and without spectacles you can join more type of sport, you don’t have to clean it anymore, avoiding it from broken risk or to update it with new one as your eye degree scale increase or just to adapt with the latest trend (fashion). Among the best part when you not wearing a spectacles is when you go for a 3D cinema. It is easy to wear the 3D spectacles as you need not to wear it together with your own spectacles. How about when you planning for scuba diving?

More less with contact lenses practice, one can avoiding the risk of the dry eye symptom and what more interesting is, no more the routine of taking out and in the lenses for daily, weekly or monthly based use.

Do remember that, if we achieve the level of good eyesight without wearing glasses, contact lenses, undergo laser treatment, but by natural method exercise or method, you gain more on the part of your healthiness. A more relaxing and focus mind. This will be very helpful for those who studying level or for your children or parents. Come share with me more about the benefit of not wearing spectacles. Click here to visit holistic eyesight treatment programme.

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